Sparkle Medium Hints & Tips

Hello! Sue here with a few handy hints on how to look after your pots of Sparkle Medium...........

Sparkle Medium is a water based product so over time the water can evaporate and the Sparkle Medium gets thicker............

To avoid it getting too thick - and that can happen if you aren't going to use it for a while - just add two teaspoons of boiling water into the pot before you put it away. 

After adding water to it, Sparkle Medium can look dull in the jar, but once it has dried on your project, it will be perfectly sparkly. 
Make sure you store it in a warm place (it is like us and doesn’t like getting cold!!)  

If you have had yours for some years (and I know lots of you have) and it is thick and hard, please don’t throw it away, place the pot on a warm - not hot - radiator for a while then pull out the medium. If it’s too hard, you can cut it up into gorgeous chunky glitter, like I do, or, if it's thin enough, you might want to die cut it - make sure you smear a little Vaseline onto the cutting die first, so that the medium will release easily.  

As I said above, Sparkle Medium likes warmth, so if you are not using it during the cold winter months, put the pot on a warm radiator beforehand and it will make it more liquid and easier to use. 

Don’t forget that Sparkle Medium can be re-used, so keep an extra pot for your ‘waste’, the mixed colours are always gorgeous.

I hope you find these tips useful. 


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