Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Guest Tutorial - Starlights Butterfly Jar by Jane Collman

We're thrilled to have the very talented Jane Collman on the blog today with this beautiful glass jar project. Over to you, Jane.................!

Hello everyone, Jane here. I'm delighted to be on the Imagination blog. I had great fun decorating this glass jar.

You will need -

Glass Jar
Starlights x 3 colours
Texture Stamp
Versamark Ink Pad
Embossing Powder/Enamel

Take a plain glass jar and lid and paint base coat with your palest colour. 
I’ve used Banana Yellow Starlights...

The paint will dry very quickly but it doesn’t matter if it is not completely dry before you
add your next colour.  I’ve used Chartreuse Starlights, painting just at the base and at the neck only on the jar and just random splashes on the lid.  Brush with light strokes. 
I didn’t want to cover all the Banana Yellow...

Add your next colour sparingly, I used Zinober Gold. Again, random light brushes of
Starlight, not completely covering the Chartreuse, to both jar and lid, this is just to give a hint
of the Gold colour...

I picked these colours to contrast with the beautiful Butterfly Rice Paper Pattern 153.
      Cut out around the butterflies you are going to use and with a wet paint brush and water, dampen around the image.  Very carefully tease the paper from around your butterfly. 
You will be left with a lovely wispy edged image.  This will look better than if you leave
the image with a hard, straight edge...

Decide where you want to place your images and use a brush and Magi Bond Decoupage Glue to stick them to the jar, adding more glue on top of the image to seal...... 

Add images to jar and lid as desired...

Make sure all paint and glue is completely dry. Wind some jute/string around the neck of the jar and tie in a bow.  I also added some at the base of the jar and around the lid.  You will find it easier
if you put a small piece of double sided tape on the jar and lid first and then place your jute over it.  That will hold the end whilst you start winding!  

Now you are ready to add Embossing Powder/Enamel to your jar and lid.  I have used Stampendous Frantage Shabby White Embossing Enamel which has white and gold granules and powder.  You will need a stamp which just gives a little texture, something from Art Stamps
Distress Set 1 is perfect.

No need for a stamping block, just ink some of the stamp with Versamark and
press gently onto the jar.  Add your Embossing Powder.  Make sure you have a tray or paper underneath to collect any powder/granules that fall off.  Set the embossing powder with a heat tool - be careful, the glass will get hot.

Keep adding powder to jar and lid until you are happy...

To finish, I tied the ends of my jute/string in several knots and added one last butterfly which
I stuck onto white card before cutting out.  A little Diamond Sparkle Medium painted over the butterflies will give an added bling!

Starlights - Banana YellowStarlights - Zinober GoldStarlights - ChartreuseRice Paper Pattern 153Magi Bond DecoupageArt Stamps - Distress set 1SM Diamond
Thank you very much to Jane for a fantastic step by step and a beautiful result.

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