Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tuesday Tutorial - Altered Clock by Martina Tidball

Good morning all! Martina here, with a post showing you how one of the Dutch Doobadoo clocks I made for the One Day Special over the weekend came together from start to finish…

My first step was to use Café Crème Rusty Patina to stipple all over the MDF areas that were going to be on the outside. Rusty Patina Café Crème has a gorgeous subtle colour and gives amazing texture which would come in useful later on…

Using one of the gorgeous Rice Papers, I cut away a large vintage clock face and used MagiBond Decoupage glue to adhere it to some thick card. Once dry, I cut it out and stuck it firmly to the MDF clock base, placing the circular mount on the top: easy peasy!

I looked in my craft box and found lots of odds and ends that I thought might come in useful on my final piece. I coated each item with some more of the Rusty Patina and set aside ready to play with later.

Once the clock pieces were dry, I decided to add some colour. Using some of the Clover MDF Paint, I dry-brushed all over the Patina. This technique really works with the Patina, as you get a lovely surface for the paint to cling to and the texture really ‘pings!'

I wanted to add some more detail to the clock, so I added some more Rice Paper (featuring pastel roses) in small sections. I added a small amount of water to the paper which allowed me to feather and tear the edges. Using more of the MagiBond Decoupage Glue, I adhered the torn sections all over the clock.

To give the clock a vintage and pretty feel, I decided to have a trailing bouquet of flowers starting in the clock face.  I used lots of wired flowers and accessories from my stash to create a bouquet, picking out the colours from the paint and papers that I had already used.

I also added a few flowers to a centre piece I created with the elements I had covered in Rusty Patina earlier. To add a little sparkle, I applied some of the Silver Rose Sparkle Medium with my finger.

I decided to add some Wildflowers Art-Cutz at the last minute, so used some more Patina and Sparkle Medium to decorate them and tie it all in. I also added some Silver Rose Sparkle Medium through the Counting Cogs Art Stencil, placing the stencil over areas of the clock face and stand.

 Once all my pieces were dry, I started to arrange the elements until I was happy with them. I used hot glue to secure them all firmly.

All done!

Art-Cutz Wild Flowers    Magi Bond DecoupageSM Silver Rose      

Rusty Patina - Cafe Creme     MDF Paint - Clover   Counting Cogs MU 62

I hope you like it and I look forward to sharing another tutorial with you very soon.