Saturday 29 April 2017

Exciting One Day Special on Hochanda

Hello everyone, Sue here, I hope you're all well?

As usual, it's been a hectic few weeks at Imagination HQ, what with new stock arriving seemingly every day and Hochanda programmes to prepare for. This week has been a lot of fun, because our Lisa is here, helping us get ready for our new One Day Special on Hochanda, launching this Sunday night, April 30 at 8pm. Lisa and I have been creating lots of samples and preparing dozens of demos and there has been a lot of silliness going on at the same time - along with the occasional glass of wine..................

We have created a fabulous, mixed media extravaganza of a One Day Special for you with something for everyone, from MDF clocks and canvases, to butterflies and flowers. This show is crammed with fantastic techniques on card, MDF and Canvas. I think we've prepared a feast of colour and creativity, with plenty of beautiful techniques and tips on how to create gorgeous pieces that will fire your creative spirit.

We have put a lot of products into these ODS shows, including gorgeous new stamp sets designed by Lisa and fantastic new Art stencils.

We know how upset you are when you miss out on products and we hate disappointing you so we should tell you that we think that this beautiful ODS, featuring Lisa's brand new mixed media inspired stamp designs could sell out quickly. We also know how much you love the Art Stencils, so we're fairly certain they will go in a flash - we think that this is the best selection of inspiring Art Stencils so far, so please, please don't miss out. Get ahead on the Hochanda website to make sure you get your order in quickly. The products available in our shows can be found HERE and you can shop whenever is convenient for you. 

 Lisa and I will fit in as many demos as we can during the shows. We've included all your favourites, such as Starlights, our fantastic Structure Paste, Rusty Patina and more. If you have any questions while you're watching the shows, remember you can email the studio; and the producers will relay your question to us, live on air.

Our One Day Special programme times are..............
Sunday, April 30 at 8pm GMT
Monday, May 1 at 9am, 12pm, 4pm and 7pm GMT​​​​​​​

In other news, following many requests we have added a range of stencils featuring the 
signs of the zodiac to the website. We are delighted with how these have been designed and they are proving very popular already. 

We hope you're following us on social media, as quite often we announce special offers, or popular items that we only have limited amounts of, so it's a good idea to follow us on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram to stay up to date with what's happening in our corner of the craft world. ​​​​​​​
Have a lovely weekend and we hope you can tune in to Hochanda on Sunday night at 8pm and for at least some of our shows on Monday.

**Edited to add: Lisa and I created a video off all the gorgeous samples we and the design team have created for the ODS. You can see it on the Imagination Crafts' Facebook page.**

Sue, Harvey and all at Imagination Crafts

One Day Special programme times are...........

Sunday, April 30 at 8pm GMT
Monday, May 1 at 9am, 12pm, 4pm and 7pm GMT

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Tuesday Tutorial - Journal Covers - Kirsten Sheridan

Good morning everyone, Kirsten here, I hope you had a nice weekend. For today's Tuesday Tutorial, I'd like to show you one of the journal covers I decorated for the Imagination Crafts' Hochanda shows over the Easter weekend................

I began by applying Structure Paste on to the front cover through the Hessian Flower stencil & when the paste was dry I used hot glue to attach all the random embellishments from my stash...............

I covered everything in a layer of Cafe Creme Rusty Patina, using various paintbrushes & stencil brushes to ensure everything was completely covered, then left the cover to dry overnight. The next day, all the flowers, which were a mix of fabric & paper, had hardened beautifully & the cover felt extremely textured, due to Structure Paste & the particles in the Rusty Patina. I could now begin applying wet media without the flowers disintegrating. 

I began by spraying with Brown Mixed Media Ink Spray first, then with Light Purple, using water & baby wipes to move the ink around.............

I decided I didn't like how that was looking, so I sprayed the entire cover liberally with water & wiped off most of the ink, then began again, this time with the Light Purple first.............

I dried gently with my heat tool for the first layer of colour, then left the subsequent layers to dry naturally. It took quite a while for me to be happy with how the cover was looking & quite a few sprays of both the Brown & the Light Purple ink sprays, but eventually I left it alone, ready for the next stage.

I dry brushed Sand Starlights over the everything but the flowers. Those were randomly painted Island Blue Starlights & edged with Rich Gold Starlights...................

I replaced the Hessian Flower stencil over some areas & applied more Sand Starlights to highlight those areas even more. I added the bookplate, words & adhesive gem from my stash & the front cover was finished.

I used the same techniques for the back cover, using the Flourish Fountain panel stencil as well as the Hessian Flower...............

The completed front cover....................

Planner Journal A5      ST Hessian Flower    PS Flourish Fountain

Rusty Patina - Cafe Creme    Mix Media Spray Ink - Light PurpleMix Media Spray Ink - Dark Brown

Starlights - Island BlueStarlights - SandStarlights - Rich Gold

Thank you for visiting the Imagination Crafts' blog today. Sue & Lisa will be returning to Hochanda this coming Sunday, April 30 at 8pm for the launch of our new One Day Special. More information to come during the week. 

Until next time, happy crafting.