Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Tuesday Tutorial - Art Deco Canvas by Martina Tidball

Good morning all, Martina here! Enjoying the sun? I know it’s a bit hot, but it is lovely to see bright skies every now and again. Not so great in my craft room though, it feels like an oven and when the heat gun goes on I really do melt! This week I would like to share with you a step-by-step guide showing how I created one of the canvases for the Imagination One Day Special on Hochanda last weekend.................

To start with I wanted to add some dimension to the corners, so I reached for my StructurePaste and used it through the Art Deco Corners stencil. Once this was dry, I reached for my 
Mixed Media Sprays in Fuchsia and Purple and spritzed directly onto the canvas. With a wet paint brush I dragged the colour across horizontally to create a divide and to blend the tones..............

One the canvas was dry, I wanted to create a ‘showbiz’ backdrop. I had no idea how to do this, so at this point there was a lot of playing! Taking a wet paint brush, I striped upwards from my horizon line to the edge of the canvas. After each stroke, I immediately blotted with a tea towel to ‘bleach’ the colour away. I repeated this several times until I was happy with the effect................

 The ‘lights’ looked a bit pale for the effect I wanted, so I decided to add some Pearl Starlight Wax to each stripe making a shimmery finish...........

I was getting there with my background, but I still wanted it to ‘pop’ a little more, so this time I used some Black Starlight Wax and watered it down to make a grey tone. Using a fine paintbrush I added a light stripe to the edge of each ray on the left-hand side.
In the bottom purple area of my canvas I wanted to create a floor. To do this I used the repeating pattern on the Art Deco Fan stencil and some more Pearl Starlight Wax.

To make my Structure Paste corners stand out, I replaced the stencil and stippled some Black Starlight Wax through it using a domed stencil brush.

Now my background was sorted, I needed to add my main features. I apologise here, as I think I got so involved I appear not to have taken many photos! I chose a font from my PC (I think it was called Broadway?) and typed my chosen sentiment, resizing to fit. Once I had thought about my positioning, I planned where I wanted my Deco ladies to sit. I masked the bench section from the Isobel stencil and used Black Starlight Wax to add it in. I then extended the bench by moving the stencil along slightly and repeating the process. Next, I changed the masking tape to mask the bench on both the Isobel and Sally stencils. Using the NEW Golden Delicious and Vineyard Sparkle Medium colours I added the ladies to the canvas and set aside to dry. The finishing touches were some gems from my stash.

There we have it: a complete experiment, but I think it turned out ok in the end!

The other samples I created for the ODS programmes can be seen in our 

Imagination Crafts will be back on Hochanda this coming Friday, June 2 at 8am, 12pm and 4pm GMT with our new design team member, MJ. 

Thank you for reading and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Structure Paste   ST Art Deco Corners      Mix Media Spray Ink - Fuschia    

Mix Media Spray Ink - Light PurpleStarlight Wax - Pearl    Starlight Wax - Black   

ST Art Deco Fan    18mm Stencil Brush        ST Sally    SM Vineyard - NEW!!      

ST Isobel     SM Golden Delicious - NEW!!     

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