Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tuesday Tutorial - Rusty Patina Canvas by Kirsten Sheridan

Good morning, Kirsten here with a canvas I made a few weeks ago, but am only now getting a chance to do a blog post about it. This is not a proper tutorial, as I got so engrossed in what I was doing that I forgot to take a lots of photos, but I'll do my best to explain everything as I go along.............

The canvas is a Tim Holtz pre-printed one called District Market. It had been in my stash for a while so I decided it was time I used it. The first thing I did was to cover it with tissue paper that I first crumpled & uncrumpled, so that it was already creased. This was the first layer of texture.

The second layer of texture was Imagination's FANTASTIC new Structure Paste around the edges, scraping the excess over the rest of canvas. 

If you haven't tried this structure paste, you need to. I've used many & this one is very possibly the best. Not only is it extremely easy to apply - it goes through stencils beautifully - it dries incredibly quickly. A thin layer will dry in four/five minutes, a thicker layer in about 15 minutes, if put on/beside a heater. You can dry the surface with a heat tool, then carve/stamp in to the paste & if you decide that you want another layer on top of the first you can do that too, as I did on the canvas. I applied the second layer very roughly, adding more paste in different areas & working it with a palette knife to create lots of texture. The second layer was dry in about 2 hours.............

I had gathered lots of bits & pieces from my stash & while I was working Lisa B came over & we had a go at placing everything to see what we liked. I die cut & the butterfly & the large cog a number of times from black card, dry embossing the top layers, glued them together & painted them with Rustique Rusty Patina............

Once the paste was dry I began dry brushing Verdigris Rusty Patina over the canvas & this is where the photos got forgotten. I just kept adding RP, wiping it off certain areas, adding more, etc. In some areas I also dry brushed white gesso over the Verdigris. If you use a dry brush & very small amounts the Rusty Patina will be dry in seconds, allowing you to work quickly.................

Once I was happy with how the Verdigris RP looked I moved on to using Rustique over the 
Structure Paste at the edges, again dry brushing to build up the colour. I also used 
Black Starlight Wax on the very edges of the canvas & Bronze Alchemy Wax to highlight the texture. These steps were repeated until I was satisfied...........

Time to start adding focal images. While the Structure Paste was drying I had painted everything with Rustique RP, then sanding back areas & applying Black Starlight Wax & Inca Gold & 
Bronze Alchemy Wax..................

I wanted the Stampendous Fran-tage glitter 'flowing' from the spoon, so I mixed Sparkle Medium & Decoupage Glue with glitter from my stash, applied it to the spoon & canvas, then sprinkled the Fran-tage on top...............

(I left this to dry overnight, the Sparkle Medium & Decoupage Glue mix was very wet, but the texture held extremely well).

The next day I decided more texture was required, so I applied dots of glue to the canvas & placed the large mica pieces from the Fran-tage glitter on top.....................

I also used a hot glue gun to run glue down the canvas under the cog, brushing the glue with Inca Gold Alchemy Wax when it had set..................

I spent quite a lot of time at this stage on adding more Rusty Patina, Black Starlight Wax
Alchemy Wax & I loved that I was able to do that. Rusty Patina is 100% opaque, so it will cover whatever's underneath it completely. Starlight Wax is semi-opaque & I wanted the very edges of the canvas to be dark, so I just made sure each layer of wax was completely dry before I added another.

(It was my first time using Starlight Wax & I'm happy to say it's as easy to use as any of Imagination's other products).

So, after all that I hope you're still with me & here's the finished canvas............ 

Rusty Patina - Verdigris      Rusty Patina - Rustique     ST Structure Paste - New !!!

Alchemy Wax - Bronze  Starlight Wax - Black  Magi-Bond 100ml White Gesso     SM Spatula - P4      

We'll be back on Hochanda this coming Saturday, March 11, with three one hour shows from Kerri-Ann. More information nearer the end of the week.......

Thank you for visiting the Imagination Crafts' blog today, we hope to be back soon. 



  1. Love the canvas Kirsten.

  2. Absolutely fabulous, wonderful texture and colours, details are amazing, so much detail to look at, Kate x

  3. A great canvas Kirsten, loving the texture and embellishments.
    Hugs Jennifer xx.

    1. Hello Jennifer, thank you very much.

  4. Wow - that's fabulous, Kirsten - great textures and rusty look. Funnily enough, I just invested in some of those Rusty Patinas... not had a chance to play yet though. I've got a couple of those TH burlap canvases too, but I can never bear to cover them up!
    Alison x

    1. Hi Alison! Thank you so much for the lovely comment, hope you're well. I think the Rusty Patina's are great, let me know how you get on with them. :-)

  5. Love the step-by-step and amazing effects with the Patina. Keep inspiring us! xx

    1. Aww, thanks honey, very kind of you.


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