Thursday, 31 March 2016

Newsletter From Sue & Hochanda One Day Special


Hello everyone,

Sorry, this is a bit of a long one, but there is a lot to tell you!

First of all, it’s that time again and we wanted to let you know about our new One Day Special, launching on Hochanda Craft TV this Saturday, 2 April at 8.00pm and following on through Sunday 3 April, at the usual times of 9am, 12pm, 4pm and 7pm. 

We are launching our wonderful, brand new Mixed Media Ink Sprays. These are lovely soft, chalky spritzer inks that are so rich and luscious.  As ever, I am going to be completely honest with you; I never really rated Ink Sprays before, but I have fallen in love with these and they will be an absolute staple in my craft stash from now on.  They are a cut above anything I have ever used and of course, Lisa and I will be using them in lots of different ways, as we know you would be disappointed if we didn’t and there is enough of that around at the moment! 

We are also launching some brand new Art Stamps in the ODS kit and there is a saving on this launch kit of £10.00 and it is also on 2 Flexibuys, so that is really good news!! 

There are more special offers on 2 half price stencil sets and a bargain on the Sparkle Medium set, so product and price wise it doesn’t get any better than that. 

As many of you will have heard by now, Hochanda is temporarily off air on Freeview, which is a huge blow to us and all the other craft companies and customers, as it means lots of us won’t be able to watch the programmes.  As ever with these things, lots of rumours abound but we will tell you everything we know and Hochanda have put an announcement on their Facebook Page explaining, but we are going to give you our explanation as we understand it. 

Basically ITV own the Freeview channels and lease them to other companies, (a bit like BT own the phone lines and British Rail own the tracks the trains run on – enough said on that one!!)

ITV in their wisdom have decided to change the children’s channel CITV and ITV +3 and it involves them using Channel 39, the Freeview channel used by Hochanda = problem!   

We are obviously not privy to the ins and outs of the mysteries of ITV and TV broadcasting platforms, but the good news is that the problem will be resolved by mid-May.  That doesn’t help anyone until then but everyone is trying to do what they can to manage the problem, (these days called a ‘challenge’), which this certainly is.  The result is we all miss out in various ways and no one is happy about it.

 We are taking the view my Mum used to take - and I suppose it's an old-fashioned view in some respects -  when she used to say ‘put your best foot forward and do your best under the circumstances’.  So with Mum in mind we are going to carry on until normal service is resumed.  We can shout and scream, but it isn’t going to help. 

Instead, we have decided to try and help you, our lovely customers and Lisa and I have recorded 8 - YES, 8!! - YouTube videos, which we will be uploading next week. You can watch in-depth demonstrations, with no interruptions, to help you to see what we have been doing and craft along with us.  We have put so much work into them and 8 videos are a lot of work, but we believe our lovely crafters are worth every minute of it and we really want to help to say how very sorry we are that this has happened.   We will let you know all the details next week.  We also appreciate that not everyone has unlimited broadband usage so you can download them one at a time and watch them at your leisure and of course if we can help you with any questions or products, you only have to ask.

You can subscribe to our YouTube channel in advance & that way you'll get an email notification when the new content is added.

As you can see we have detailed below where you can watch our programmes on Hochanda and for those of you who can’t join us we hope to see you again in May. Once again, many, many apologies for this inconvenience.

Until next time, best wishes,

Sue & Harvey.

~ Cards in this post by Sue Baker & Lisa B ~

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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to do the videos - I look forward to watching them when they become available. Like so many others, I am very disappointed about Hochanda not being on our screens but at least I will get to see one of my favourite companies demoing their new products! Pat xx

  2. I love you guys. This is really nice of you to put the videos together and to think of us crafters. I love watching Sue and Lisa and usually record all the demos, so like others am disappointed that Hochanda have had to come off air, but reading your blog today, it has really cheered me up. You are my favourite craft company and I look forward to watching the videos. Thank you for being more than just a business and for being really considerate to your loyal customers and followers. Thanks guys. Lots of crafty love and hugs. Angie xxx

  3. Thank you so much, I will be watching on line, I can't wait I'm so looking forward to the shows and utube videos Mary xxxx

  4. Thank you so much for taking time to explain what has happened to Hochanda. I do think they should have sent an email. Like many I don't belong to Facebook or Twitter and I don't have unlimited broadband usage.

  5. Thank you so much for the explanation, I noticed today that Hochanda is off the air, but I will look forward to watching your new videos, it really shows how dedicated you are to us crafters. Kate x

  6. Thanks for your detailed explanation of the Hochanda problem. I'll try to download your videos when I find wifi out, but disappointed to be unable to get the deals on the new products.

  7. Thanks for your detailed explanation of the Hochanda problem. I'll try to download your videos when I find wifi out, but disappointed to be unable to get the deals on the new products.

  8. Wow many thanks for your you tube videos that is great i will now be able to watch your demos. Fantastic. This is just wonderful as I am a FreeView customer and so sad that I am unable to view. But as you say Put your best foot forward and keep smiling. Many thanks Crafty hugs Pen x


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