Saturday, 20 February 2016

Testing The New Starlights Colours

Hello! This is a scheduled post. I'm at the CHSI trade show, with Imagination Crafts & Lisa B. 

I was thrilled to receive a set of the brand new Starlights paints from Imagination last week, so I immediately made a few quick & easy cards to see what I thought of the colours. 
Answer? I LOVE them!!

(There might still a few sets of these colours on the Hochanda website
following our One Day Special).

This card has the new Pearl Starlight applied through the Flint Texture stencil on to black card. Lots of people asked us for a white Starlight & this is it. Not only does it look great on dark card, it can be mixed with all the other colours, to give  lots of different shades.

I applied Mediterranean Sky through the Two Leaf stencil & added shading with Sax Blue, then cut the leaves out..............

For the second card, I painted white card with Pebble Shore MDF paint & applied Amethyst Starlight through the Summer Blossom stencil, with dots of the paint applied with an embossing tool. 

I painted the Art-Cutz butterfly with Topaz & Rich Gold Starlights..........

I used the same, Summer Blossom, stencil for my third card, using Sax Blue Starlights, then I added foiling with Pastel Yellow Sparkle Medium

The Art-Cutz butterfly was painted with Sax Blue, Amethyst & Mediterranean Sky...........

ST Flint Texture        ST Summer Blossom        ST Two Leaf      
MDF Paint - Pebble Shore    Starlights - Topaz  Starlights - Rich Gold SM Pastel Yellow       Art-Cutz Butterflies      

(The greeting on these cards is a Stampendous stamp from my craft stash).

All seven of these new colours are, without exception, gorgeous & I loved working with them. I will be back with more of my cards soon. 

That's it for today, I will be back soon. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates from the trade show.


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