Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Imagination Crafts On The Move!!

Good evening blog visitors, we hope you are well. As you know, we don't usually make dramatic announcements or personal comments in our newsletters & blog posts, or on our Facebook page, but we felt that this one needs a bit of a trumpet fanfare.............

  So, breaking with our long held tradition, we are thrilled to announce that we will be joining the new home of Crafts, Arts and Hobbies; the new Hochanda TVchannel.  

In all our 23 years of experience in the craft industry we have never felt so excited about the huge changes that are about to take place.

  Hochanda is run by people who have a personal passion for craft and who want to make their crafting customer the most important person. The whole ethos at Hochanda is about valuing people and treating them with honesty and respect.

 You will recognise many of the companies who have joined the channel, but you will also be able to see a whole new range of craft companies, who will bring new crafts and exciting ideas to inspire all of us.  Hochanda are using new ways of enabling us to show you our crafting in a much more intimate way, which opens up many exciting possibilities. 

The channel launches at midday on Thursday, August 27 and we will be bringing you our new products on 
Thursday 10 September at 1pm and 5pm 
and we hope you will join us and give us your support. 

Please be kind and give us time to settle in, but as ever, your comments, good and bad, are more than welcome. 

  We really hope that Hochanda will bring all of us the kind of crafting we have asked for over the years, so let’s give them all our loyalty and support and most of all, time to make it work in the way we will all enjoy.

If you haven't already done so, please 'like' the Imagination Crafts & Hochanda Facebook pages, to be kept up to date with all the exciting developments, programme times, etc.

 Hochanda will broadcast live daily from 9am to 9pm & you can find the TV Channel on

Freeview channel 39 (6am to 4am), Sky channel 663, Freesat channel 822 and online via the Hochanda website (IPTV)

(For customers of Virgin, you can find information on how to watch on the Hochanda Facebook page)

On a personal note, we want to take this opportunity to thank all of you, our lovely customers, because to some extent you are the silent, respectful majority and you don’t make a loud noise, but you have always been so kind, understanding and incredibly supportive to us and we value that more than we can say. 

Our very best wishes to you all,

Sue & Harvey.