Thursday, 13 August 2015

Starlights The Video

Good evening, thank you to everyone for the fantastic response to the Starlights paints. It has been an exciting & busy two days as we have packed & sent out all the orders.

In the midst of all the busyness Sue made a video about the Starlights & earlier today sent out the link with a newsletter. If you haven't received the newsletter, worry not, here it is.............

Hi everyone,
We promised that we would let you know when we had stock of the fabulous new Starlight gilding paints and there is great excitement here, as at last, they have arrived.  Also, to help you to get the most out of your Starlights, Sue has done a quick video of some techniques to get you started on YouTube and here is the link:

If you have never used Starlight paint it is a revelation in paint technology. These beautiful shimmering paints can be used for brayering, painting or sponging with Cut and Dry Foam or a brush, onto Die Cuts, Punched shapes, MDF, Imagination Art-Cutz, glass bottles, candles and most other surfaces.  

The paints are made with crushed metal gilding flake and as you paint or brayer you will see the shimmer of the flake coming through the colour.  Their light reflecting properties are incredible and Sue has devised a great ‘Gilding, gold leafing technique’, that is so quick and simple and doesn’t involve messy glue and lots of flakes floating about everywhere.  Get yourself comfy with a cup of something hot or a glass of something cool and watch her on YouTube to get some ideas and inspiration.  Everyone who has been lucky enough to get their paints is raving about them and in 20 years we have never seen anything so shimmery and bright!

A note on the colours to help you choose, as even on YouTube the true tones are sometimes a bit difficult to see.  

Dark Orchid and Turquoise are really rich and deep, Orchid is purple and Turquoise is a very dark, deep bluish colour which flashes with jade tones when it catches the light when dry.  The new Topaz is an incredible colour, incorporating a deep chocolate, bronze tone with gold crushed gilding flake shimmering through.  

The deep Blue is well represented in the video and the White Gold is pale and bright.  Menthol is a light soft shimmering green and if you want to make a statement, Orange Oxidised is a burning hot flash of metallic orange – we love it.

 Trying to choose the colours you like the most is really hard, you will all have your own personal favourites.  If you need any advice please feel free to ring us.

Here is the link to Sue's video again............

Thanks once again & we hope you have lots of fun creating with your Starlights.

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