Saturday, 15 August 2015

Starlights Frame

Hello, happy Saturday. Hopefully, lots of you have received your Starlights by now & are busy playing. The response to the new colours has been phenomenal & you can see individual images of all eight colours in this blog post.

Sue made a terrific video about the Starlights............

 I managed to get a little free time & decorated the HOME MDF frame & charm kit with three Starlight colours; Blue, White Gold & Zinober Gold..............

I applied the White Gold Starlight with a paintbrush, rather than a brayer as Sue describes in her video, because I wanted to see the brushstrokes. I painted the back board with black gesso first, then a very thin layer of White Gold - Starlights are semi-translucent & I wanted a slight contrast between the back & the frame.............

When the Gold was dry, I mixed a little water with the Zinober Gold & added splatters, then I applied Blue Starlight through the Leaf Swirl border stencil with a piece of Cut & Dry foam..............

The heart was painted with Firecracker Satin Silkies.

That's it. A really easy project, but I hope it shows just how shimmery, shiny & gorgeous the Starlight paints are.

Starlights - White Gold  Starlights - Blue    Starlights - Zinober Gold SL Firecracker Satin    Black Gesso    Home 030     ST Leaf Swirl Border

Thanks for visiting the blog today & we hope to be back soon with more Starlights projects.

Have a great weekend. 



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