Friday 5 September 2014

Lavender Daisies

Good Morning Crafters

Friday comes around so quick here.

Today we have a tutorial from Cheremane to share with you all!

MDF Frame set
MDF Paint Chalk & Jet
MDF Crackle Medium
Stencil Butterfly & Daisy
Silkies Purple Lace , Lavender Lace, Gold Brocade, Emerald Satin

Firstly paint all the MDF with the Jet paint and leave to dry.

Now paint the crackle medium onto the MDF once dry put a layer of chalk paint on it and before your eyes watch the cracks appear instantly.

Next using the Silkies and a sponge add colour through the stencil, using your finger add some colour to the edge of the MDF butterflies.

Finally stick the frame together with wet glues and add some string to hang the frame with.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.
Enjoy your weekend!

Wednesday 3 September 2014

Decorative Frame

Good Morning Crafters

Today we are sharing a tutorial by Jan using MDF Frame and Charms

MDF Frame and Charms
MDF Paint
Leaf Flower Border Stencil
Lavender Sparkle Medium

Paint the frame with Sandstone MDF paint.

Glue the MDF flowers, leaf and butterflyonto the frame. 
Then using some old paste and palette knife make a rough pattern all over.

Once paste has dried paint the frame and embellishments with Jet MDF paint

Once the Jet paint has dried apply some gilding wax with cut and dry foam. 

Then add some Sparkle medium in Lavender using Leaf flower border.

There you have it, you can add a picture in the centre.

We hope you enjoyed today's tutorial
Thank you for Visiting.

Monday 1 September 2014

Flowers and Butterflies

Good Morning Crafters

September already, this year sure is whizzing by!

Today we are sharing Nicky's Tutorial using the following Products 

MDF Frame and Charm Set
MDF Paint and Crackle
Sparkle Medium Diamond and Turquoise
Leaf Flourish Border

Paint the frame and butterfly with Jet MDF paint.

Then cover the frame with crackle medium then a good coat of the cream.

Once dry take the stencil and add Turquoise sparkle medium over the stencil

Using your finger dab some diamond sparkle medium on to the flowers and butterflies.

Once dry  hot glued the back to the front frame

Add some ribbon and gems to finish,  hot glue the elements in place.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoyed this tutorial