Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Beautiful Baubles

Good Morning Crafters

Today we are sharing Jennifer's beautiful tutorial with you all.

Purple Snow Patterned Card
Bauble Branch Stencil
Joy, Love, Peace Stencil
Sparkle Medium Amethyst and Rose Shimmer
Metal Spatula

These are the products you will need to make this card.

Lay the bauble branch stencil on top of the patterned card and secure to your card and worktop, using some masking tape. 

Spread both sparkle mediums over the design using the metal spatula.

Make a base card from navy card stock.  Matt a slightly smaller piece of white card with the bottom left corner cut away, onto the navy base card.   
Take the patterned card, 'purple snow' and cut and emboss the bottom left corner using a die-cutting machine and the corner die.  

When dry matt onto the base card using double sided sticky tape.    
The navy card should be showing beneath the die-cut corner.  
Add a purple ribbon bow to the top right bauble. 

Lay the ' love', ' joy', ' peace'  panel  stencil so that the 'joy' is in the bottom right hand corner of the card and trace around the outline of the word 'joy,' using a fine purple pen.  
Remove stencil and fill in the letters with your own patterns.      
(One small tip, - the ink takes quite a long time to dry on the glossy card stock, so take care not to smudge it as  you work.)

Here is your finished card.

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  1. Super Step by Step Jennifer, love the colours, hugs xxx

  2. This is lovely Jennifer and a great tutorial.


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