Wednesday 8 May 2013

QVC 9pm tonight

Hi Everyone , I'm truly sorry for the long time since my last post ...We have been so busy ( I know this is not an excuse)...but we have!!!! .....getting tonight's show already for you all.Sue has some wonderful demo's sorted for the show.
plus!!!!! I have been getting new designs of Stamps and Stencils ready for the next couple of shows on QVC and just haven't had 10 mins to get some samples up loaded for you ...

hope these are worth the wait here are some over views of the samples that I have done for the show . I will be posting in more detail later this week as we are off to The Wirral on Friday for the Happy Stampers show on Saturday...enjoy

 Border Stencils
 Background Stencils
 Sparkle Medium
Satin Card Stock

There are a few more overviews over on my Blog

Hope you enjoy the show QVC 9pm tonight...                                                                                       see you soon Jayne x