Friday, 1 February 2013

Gallery Day 2

Good evening, Here is tonight's selection from the show from the embossables section, using our embossables that are thicker than normal stencils and our Fantastic New Embossing Mat you really can see the impression, everyone should have one...!!! you can honestly see the  all the different types of machine recipes are on the instructions that come with the easy !!!

 This card was done with the Mica Magic Technique and Diagonal Border Embossable
 Again Mica with  Daisy Dots Embossable on our Silver Glossy card
 Mica on our Lilac Glossy card and Daisy Dots Embossable
 Hanging Basket Decoupage with Daisy Dots on Silver Glossy card.
And Diagonal Border Embossable on Silver glossy card , they make  beautiful backgrounds to add Clusters of Flowers and ribbons great  for any occasion..that's all for tonight back again tommorrow ....there will be more on my blog very shortly

Happy crafting Jayne x

Thursday, 31 January 2013

Gallery Day 1

Good evening all,
Here are a few samples from the glossy Card section. These beautiful colours stepping into spring the soft silver is a must..and they all work so well by using our embossing matt to give you really deep embossed finish, and so versitile can be also used with sparkle medium and Mica powders.


Sorry time is short as we are getting ready for the trade show and shows in the spring, I'm afraid I can't do a detailed description of each and every card,there are so many and would take's more important that you see the samples ... but if there are any questions or queries send a message and i'll gladly help...if I can ..see you again here tommorrow night but hop across to my Blog now.... as there is more from the Decoupage range there..
Bye for now Jayne x 

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

A few samples from the design team members Annette and Jennifer

Hi everyone here are a few more samples from the sample design team from the last show, these photo's were taken in between the show in the studio's, I hope the pic's do justice to the samples and I hope I have them belonging to the right people... 

 Jennifer: Butterflies with Multi colours Sparkle medium on acetate over Gerbera
 Annette: Gilding set Butterfly and Gilding flakes Red Guilt on acetate.
 Annette Three trees Stencil, Ruby Gold Sparkle Medium,added punched leaves and flowers
 Annette: Butterfly Gilding Stamp set with Red Guilt Gilding flakes on a die cut frame.
 Jennifer: Hanging Basket Decoupage coloured with Mica powders Brilliants set, Ivy curls embossed on lilac glossy card.
Jennifer : Three trees with Gunmetal Sparkle Medium

thank you both so much they are all beautiful,

Over the next couple of days over the two blogs, I will be posting some other samples we hope you will like to see again .

see you soon Jayne x