Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Web Site update

Hello everyone Jayne here..
Sorry everyone if you are experiencing problems on the new web site ,tech issues and we are all here in Qvc...if you wish to place an order you still can by either trying the old site www.imaginationctafts.co.uk  or ring in your order 01935 813664 the call will be transferred to one of us and we will happily take your order, sorry again for any inconvenience caused, or email us imaginationcrafts@btinternet.com

also thank you all for tuning in to watch ...fantastic new samples, Demo'sand products etc for the next show 10pm,
I promise this week to add more samples here to see
Jayne x

Monday, 14 January 2013


Our Anniversary Shows at QVC

Tuesday 15th January

1pm & 10pm

As I am sure you all know, there are exciting changes at QVC and it all goes to prove that the Craft Industry is anything but boring!! We have our own soap operas unfolding in front of us but at least it keeps us all on our toes and lets face it, we all love a bit of gossip and drama don't we!
With that in mind don't miss our Anniversary Programme on Tuesday 15 January.

We have 2 programmes scheduled for the day - the first one at 1pm and the second one at 10.00pm.
As it is our Anniversary show that means anniversary pricing and as you regulars will know, sometimes that means real bargins!! Especially on new products.
There is a rumour of an OTO (a One Time Only Price in regular speak) and these really are bargins that we can't compete on price - even with the dreaded P&P!! - so don't miss out here.

There is also a real surprise with an item on the 10.00pm Show where you get something extra - for no extra money!!!

Of course Sue will be showing you some great techniques, she has demos planned for every item - quite a feature on QVC and Jayne has really pulled all the stops out with some stunning samples and new stencils designs that are the best yet.

So please don't miss our shows, we know you won't be disappointed and you will feel inspired, which at the end of the day aside from gossip and speculation is what Crafting is all about.
We will also be on Facebook and Twitter throughout the day with teasers for you all to see - so join Facebook or Twitter on Tuesday and let us know what you think.
Plus, don't miss the taster video on the QVC Blog which should be uploaded on Monday, so that you can see a tiny glimpse of what's coming.

We cannot wait to share everything with you.
See you on Tuesday at 1pm & 10pm

Love from us all at Imagination Crafts x