Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Dragonfly Dreams

Hi all,  Jennifer back again,

Hope everyone is well and enjoying life.   Today I am going to share a card I made for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Crafts in April this year.   It was a little bit tricky to cut out the shapes on the background and still keep the stencil design perfect but I think I managed that, I do hope you think so lolls !!.

Here's how I made it.   I made a base card from blue cardstock and onto that I matted a piece of terracotta coloured card leaving a border of the blue showing.   I then took a piece of Imagination Craft's lemon satin card and trimmed it slightly smaller than the terracotta card.

The stencil was laid on top of the lemon card and the Sparkle Mediums were spread over it, making the dragonflies- Blue Moonstone, the flowers - Amber and the rest of the stencil with the Mink Sparkle Medium.  I then left it to dry.   It doesn't take very long but to be sure leave it for about forty five minutes.   I tend to go downstairs and make a cup of tea or do a small job and when I've done that it is usually dry.

Cut the lemon card into triangles and glue to the terracotta card, leaving tiny gaps between the pieces of card.

Cut out and emboss a flower using the flower die and the Grand Calibur from the blue and the terracotta card and glue to the card centre.

Add Blue Moonstone Sparkle Medium to the tips of the stamen.   That is that friends, hope you like it.  

Until next time,  happy crafting,  
Love and rainbows,
Hugs Jennifer xxx



  1. Beautiful card Jennifer, love the colour combination.

    Linda xxx

  2. I certainly do think so - its amazing! Hugs rachel xx

  3. Hi Rachel, thank you for your nice comment I'm pleased you think it's ok
    Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Jennifer xx

  4. A beautiful card Jennifer. Love the colours and I think you managed to match up the design beautifully.

  5. Hi Mags, thank you, pleased you like it. Hugs Jennifer xx


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