Friday, 27 September 2013

Daisy Flourish

Hi there Fellow crafters, friends and visitors,

Jennifer here once again.   Hope you are all well and feeling happy.  Today's card was made in February of last year for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Crafts.

Make a white base card.   Take a piece of purple paper and put it through an embossing machine along with the stencil and emboss it.   Matt this onto the base card, leaving a small border of white card showing.

Using the tag die and the Grand Calibur machine, cut out the large tag.   Leaving the die on the tag,  lay the stencil on it and spread the sparkle medium over it.   Remove stencil and the die carefully and leave the tag to dry.

Fix the tag diagonally across the base card using sticky foam pads.   Add two bows to the tag.

Die cut four corners and glue two corners together and glue to the side edge of the tag.   Repeat again with the other two corners and glue to the other side of the tag.

Cut out the flower using the Marianne Design die and glue to the centre of the tag.   Punch out a tiny white circle and glue to the flower centre.

Well that is it finished, quite a quick card to make if you don't have a lot of time.  One little tip I should mention, after you have removed the die from the tag, having spread the sparkle medium over it, the die should be washed straight away or the sparkle medium may set on the die and it won't cut properly next time you use it !!

I'll be back soon with another card, hope you will too !!  until then have a good week.

Jennifer xxx


  1. this is lovely Jennifer - a fabulous colour x

  2. Hi Rachel, thank you, I just love lilacs, lavenders and purples, I have to mentally tell myself to use other colours rather than lilacs all the time lolls, as you may have noticed the background to my blog is also lilac !! and I love all the shades of purple in the Sparkle mediums too !! Hugs xx

  3. Lovely card Jennifer. Like the idea of stencilling through the die. Lovely colour too.

  4. Hi Mags, thank you,so much. I love all shades of purple and like I said in Rachel's reply, I really have to stop myself using this colour all the time lolls. Hope you have a good week. Hugs xx

  5. Beautiful card Jennifer, my favourite colour too!

    Linda xxx

  6. Hi Linda, thank you, so pleased you like it. Hugs xx


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