Wednesday 20 February 2013

New Picture Stencils

Hello Everyone ,We have just returned from a very busy Trade show and have so many new designs to show you, here are some of the new Picture Stencils along with a sample of each.


Bird Cages and Garden Chair

Sample curve from the latest QVC show 

                                                        Flying Geese and Evening Watch

Sample curve using the above stencils by masking out the top area you can create the Acetate bulrushes along the bottom

Ballooning and The cutting

Another Curve using Ballooning and The cutting I've added the Dusk till Dawn Stencil design on the acetate.
you can order these Stencils via the web site just click the logo and if you jump to my blog you can see the New Spring  Decoupage stamp sets and samples http;//
More soon Happy crafting Jayne x

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