Sunday, 16 October 2011

Pearly Pallet Backgrounds the easy way 1

Hello everyone,It's Jayne here again,

Hope you are all keeping warm as the chilly nights draw in, well, here is another technique to keep your creative spirits going...I shall show you through these easy step by step instructions along with photo's how you can create some stunning back grounds. just like this one above using the Fantastic new Vintage Pearly Pallet, the colours on this pallett are out of the world .....all are duo toned so depending on what card stock you are using light or dark you get amazing colour mixing..lets get started....

You will need

Vintage Pearly Pallet,
Non-stick mat,
Large Fluffy Brush,
Mister water spary,
Thick card stock cut into A5 size x5,
Black Sparkly embossing powder (see tips below),
Versamark ink pad,
Heat Gun,
Anti-static bag,
Silicone Glue,

All of these items can be bought at if you can't find these items or have any problems call 01935 813664, we will happily help you.

Tips ;

Always use an anti-static bag before you do any embossing on these backgrounds, It will help to reduce the unwanted marks,

Add Approx 1 teaspoon of assorted glitter to 70grms roughly 1/2 a small pot of Fine detail Black embossing powder.

Step one,

Before you begin..... spray all over the Pearly Pallet, the wetter the better. really mix up the micas in the paint to a lovely creamy consistancy but not too thick, In this card above we will be using green and green/gold,

Step 2

Now spritz the card stock with the water and spread over the card stock.

For this card we need 5 colors and 5 Layers so have ready 5 pieces of card or as i have done used one piece for two colours ( see drying layers below) we will be using Gold, Green /gold. Bronze , Purple, Red burgandy and green. so make sure the colours are still nice and wet, if not spritz again,

Pick up the lightest colour and SWEEP across the card stock in a bold stoke, now pick up the other colour and Sweep again untill you have cover the entire area.Set aside to dry

Rinse your fluffy brush in water flick once to semi dry between colours and repeat for all the other colour layers

Step 3

these layers must be really dry to continue you can heat dry, but they will curl best is to let air dry they will curl but not as much. if you want them flatter you can leave under heavy books overnight...

Next you will want to mix your sparkly embossing powder.( see tips)

Before you Start embossing, rub the anti-static bag all over the dry coloured card stock and remember to do this EVERY time before embossing.

Step 4,

Place you stamp on the rock-a-block, inkup with Versamark and stamp onto the pre-coloured card stock. Sprinkle the embossing powder over image tap off excess, and heat emboss.

Repeat for each colour.

Here are the sugested layers

all layered up

Cut each layer and build up with either silicone Glue or sticky pads

this was then mounted onto gold ,then black card stock the next layer was the green gold layer the top right hand corner and bottom left corners were embossed with the sparkle embossing powder and the stamp from the set .this was mounted onto black card stock and then onto the cream card. Add the ribbon befor attaching layers to the card.
For a touch of gloss add Magi glaze to the berries once dry this adds a glossy shine to them.

I do love these Pallets, you can do so much with them here are one or two samples...

This card was embossed with the sparkly Embossing Powder, then coloured with a water brush directly from the pallet.

This one was embossed with gold then coloured....

We hope to see some of you soon at the SECC or the NEC shows...

Watch out soon for the next Technique...I will do my best to get another technique to you next week.

Have fun Jayne