Sunday 21 November 2010

We're Still Here!!

Hi Everyone
At last, time to post! So sorry to everyone that it has taken us so long to post this time, you just would not believe how busy we are!! I know it's a good problem to have but it means that so many things have to wait to be done. Harvey says he hasn't got a piece of paper long enough for his 'to do list'. I think we are running at 97 hours a week at the moment, why it isn't a hundred -who knows but at the last count we are all doing about 97 hours work. I always remember someone saying beware when your hobby turns into a job but do you know - we all absolutely love it. None of us have ever worked so hard in our lives and as with all Craft it is all about sharing. We want to share so much with you that's why Dawn has worked really hard on the Step by Step Tutorials for the Silkies and the Inkadinks. Her Tatty Flowers are so popular at the Shows and if you haven't made any before, give it a try they look amazing and you can customise them to suit your cards. Everyone is saying how tough it is at the moment and that it is going to get worse next year, so if you are trying to economise give the Tatty Flowers a go - you will get really hooked on making them so put a big empty choccy box close by and fill it with Flowers!
We have to say a huge, huge, thankyou to everyone who has sent messages of support for our QVC programmes. We appreciate it ssssooooooo much we have put our all into the Shows, hence the work load but it is the most fun we have ever had. How lucky are we to be allowed to have our own Show. We feel so privileged and when you share the same stage as Russell Watson, Lu Lu, John Barrowman, Joan Rivers, Susan Boyle, Liz Earle etc etc it is really, really exciting. Like everyone else we get a bit Star Struck and all these people have worked so incredibly hard to get where they are and we feel we have to keep up the hard work to stay up there as well. We have received so much support from lots of other Craft Companies who share the programmes on QVC and again it is so nice to be welcomed in to the fold. The standards on QVC are really, really, high this is no amateur outfit, you have to really prove yourself to be allowed air time. Satellite time costs millions and you have to really try to be the best you can be to stay up there. We have received a bit of stick for thanking Team Members on the Show but for the sake of a couple of seconds to say Thank you to everyone who puts their hearts, souls and massive creativity into each programme what can you be but incredibly grateful. Everyone who crafts, does it because they love it and we feel it is really important to share that. So this is really a thank you to everyone who has supported us and shared their thoughts with us. We listen to everything you say and we try and adapt accordingly within the stringent guidlines that we are given. We have had some interesting comments on Sue's Top that she wore on air it has been likened to Mirri Board, have to confess we all hooted with laughter, Sue most of all, we made her put it on so that we could all appreciate the full blinding effect!!lol!! Isn't it amazing that people can watch craft telly and get really into the clothes, of course it is tempting to wear a penguin outfit next time - let's keep it seasonal!! Any suggestions on a post-card please...........................she fancies a little Santa Number but she is still working out whose knee she wants to sit on!! Move over Harvey!!!!lol!!!!
Happy Crafting Everyone x