Thursday, 16 September 2010

Hi Everyone
We thought it was time to start publishing some of the samples that you saw on the Telly. We are always getting lots of compliments from you about the quality of our samples so we thought you might enjoy seeing them for a bit longer than 1.3 minutes!!! Taking on board what you have all said about the 'time element' on the TV, it's a difficult one as QVC is a really professional outfit and they have producers, directors and planners who all get together to workout schedules and within those really stringent constraints we have to try and put across as much as we can. We know you want alot more demos and technical stuff and so do we and we know alot of you have filled in the QVC questionnaire form on their site requesting that we be given a bit more time so that you can actually see what is happening on the show, so fingers crossed.
The card today shows the fabulous Snowdrop stamp and the background uses the Cherry Blossom template, put through the Cuttlebug. Have to confess we found that you get a really deep impression by using some black spongy stuff that we sell at 3.99 a packet. We used this instead of an embossing mat and it is brilliant - thank Harvey for that - you see he does craft. He likes to keep it a bit of a secret though!!! (Man stuff etc).
Harrogate was as busy as ever and lots of people coming on to the stand and commenting on the programme which was nice. We had a day off!!!!!!!!!!!! (just the one), Stand back in complete amazement, first one since May and we indulged in some retail theraty - absolute bliss. We bought some books, heaven only knows when we will get time to read them but we bought them anyway!! Harrogate is retail paradise, lots of individual shops and not the usual High Street rubbish - does anyone else out there think the UK High Street is just horrible now, all the big stores have just forced the individual guys out and no wonder they say our High Streets are dying, it is so sad but Harrogate is a beacon of light in this area, thank goodness.
Our Dawn is back from her hols at the end of this week - yeah!!!!!!!!! There will be much rejoicing this end I can tell you. Mind you we don't want to see the Tan, thank you and hear all those stories of lying under blue skies, relaxing with a glass of something chilled in one hand and a delicious trashy novel in the other - Can't be doing with that at all!!! The date for the next show should be coming up soon, so watch this space. Also Michelle is busy doing her magic on the design board so we should have some new stamps soon. We also have a new designer who has joined us straight from art college, our Hayley, so we are looking forward to seeing what she can pull out of the hat for us - no pressure Hayley!
Happy Crafting x