Saturday 13 February 2010

There aren't really words to describe how unbelievably gorgeous these Silky flowers are!! It's Dawn we are going to call them Midnight Flowers - as she has been working all night to produce these masterpieces - we are ssssoooo!!! impressed!!!
Crafting has now officially become beautiful!!

Tuesday 9 February 2010

Hi Girls
Today we have 2 more gorgeous offerings from Dawn, they arrived in the post this morning and I just had to get them to you!! These cute Penny Johnson Bears, clear stamps (check out the web site), are coloured, of course, with Inkadinks. We are now thrilled to tell you that Inkadinks have gone global!! Its official, our creative friends across the Pond and Down Under are ordering their Inkdadinks after seeing the fab samples we have here on the Blog - thank you girls for all your hard work!!
Dawn is also giving great advice on how to get the best results with your Inkadinks, using good smooth quality watercolour paper helps such alot with the finished image and getting a professional finish to your cards. All these hints and tips from the professionals make such a difference when you are working with new products. They use the products every day (believe me, being on a design team is a more than full time job - and they all do it for love- how lucky are we)!! and spend hours experimenting on how to get the best finish so that you don't have to spend hours and can get on with making the best possible creations to send to your loved ones!!
Wait until you see our next offering - Dawn has been working with the Silkies and when you see what she has achieved your eyes will 'pop'. I have been brayering with the Silkies and as someone who always gets a 'line', when using a dye ink pad, I have discovered that by using Silkies, I can avoid the line - what a 'ureka'!!!lol!! moment and for my money the finish is a million times more beautiful than a dye based background. Never thought I would say it but it's true!! I will be doing an on-line tutorial showing you how - when I get 5 mins - after the Trade Show, after Glasgow a week later, after Birmingham, after, after, after ..........
So that we can spend more time on the Web Site and give you lots of Tutorials, tips, hints and samples, we will be cutting down on Shows after May. You will still be able to see us at the NEC and locally but we won't be scattering ourselves as far and wide as we have been. As with most things in life you can't do it all and the time has come to make some choices. Also to our huge sadness, Heather has decided that she would like some of her life back, and she won't be joining us at Shows. She is a really busy lady and has put her life on hold for us over the past few years so she would now like to spend more time with her family, so you can't argue with that. We will miss her so much, she has worked really hard as part of the team and we will miss her creative input like crazy as well as having a steady hand on the tiller at shows but all good things have to come to an end eventually. However, every cloud has a silver lining and the good news is that she will still be designing for us - thank goodness, so we can have our creative 'fix', that way.
We are just manic at the moment preparing for the Trade Show at the NEC next week. Everyone is working flat out to prepare for Workshops and demos. There is alot of excitement out there about Silkies and Inkadinks and we want to put on a good show!! This is a really exciting event in the Trade calendar and everyone wants to see what everyone else is up too!! and wish they had that idea first!!! Nothing like a bit of healthy competition to keep everyone gossiping and on their toes!!!!lol!!!! Bring it on!!!!!!
We will let you know if anything exciting happens, lets just hope and pray that the promised snow and even bigger freeze they are predicting doesn't come to pass - keep everything crossed girls!
Happy Crafting

We are so excited because at long last we can introduce you to Kim Reygate who has joined our design team. Kim is one of the most respected people in our industry, her years (sorry Kim !!lol!!), of experience as an Author, at Search Press, Teacher, Demonstator and all round amazing crafter as well as being one of the nicest people around, make her the perfect choice for our talented team. I love her take on the Ollyfants and it gives you the chance to see how someone else uses, Inkadinks for colouring. If you want to catch up with Kim pop in to her blog at You can also see Kim at alot of the Shows around the country, where she demonstrates for various companies, so don't forget to go and say hello!!