Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Dawn's Inkadinks

I just had to show you these gorgeous cards from Dawn at www.allpinkgirl.blogspot aren't they absolutely fabulous. Those of you who follow Dawn's blog will know that she uses the Inkadinks all the time. The pink card is a Sugar Nellie stamp and the blue one is a Sarah Kay. I have put these on the blog this week because lots of you have asked us how to use the Inkdadinks, are they easy to use, how do you mix the colours and what do they look like when they have been used on ordinary card - well now you can see. If you want to see lots of different cards using the inks in different ways, call by Dawn's blog. She has done a really great tutorial, it is easy to read and follow and shows how simple and effective they are to use. Quite a few of you have asked about colouring cards and how to get the right balance of colour, looking at Dawn's card will really help. If you analyse what she has done you will see how she uses shades and tones of the same colour for maximum effect. Looking at the construction of the card and taking the card apart in your mind will help. Asking the questions, what papers has she used (check out her blog and she tells you), what main colour theme has she used, what has she used to colour, Inkadinks, of course, which stamp is the focal image and what has she used as accessories. A lot of successful card makers sort of know automatically what works, but that will come when you have made a few. It's like most things after a while it suddenly clicks, and looking at blogs and galleries is a great way to start. It is really hard when you first start out, trying to work your way through what ink is used for what purpose, which papers to use. The people at Exhibitions and on the telly make it look so easy but when you are sitting on your own at home it can be really difficult to find inspiration.
I just wanted to say how lovely it was to meet customers on Saturday who had bought the Silkies from www.joannasheen.co.uk and were so impressed they came to the Show to have a look at some of the samples and of course, bought more!! Great feed back girls, thankyou!
We will be showing more of Dawn's cards using the Inkadinks - so watch this space!
Happy Crafting!