Wednesday 20 January 2010

No piccies today girls, for the some reason known only to the computer, the layouts and pictures we have taken for the blog haven't come out as we wanted - how often does that happen!! So, when we are back from the show at Sandown we will address the problem.
However, massive excitement you have got to go onto Dawn Wheeler's blogspot at allpinkgirl. She has done a real easy peasy tutorial on Inkadinks. Lots of her girl have been asking her how she gets such fantastic effects on her cards with the Inkadinks and she decided to give a step by step, simple explanation, which is really helpful. It makes you realise how easy the inks are to use and she gives some helpful hints and tips about how to lighten colour and lift colour out as well, which is fantastic. Once the madness of the Spring Shows is out of the way we hope to do lots of this sort of tutorial on the blog. There is so much we want to do and so little time but we are aware where we fall short.

I did want to say thank you to those of you who emailed about being on the design team, we will get back to you and lots of lots of apologies for not doing so in quicker time!! We have checked out your blogs and we would love to have you on the team, so we haven't forgotten you but we need some time to chat to you. Time is something we never have. Over Christmas and New Year we all had the dreaded swine flu and yes, it has taken all this time to get over it, a couple of us still haven't completely recovered - not as young as we used to be!!
Anyway, the madness of the Show season is now upon us! It is sort of pleasure and pain really. The pleasure is meeting lots of other crafters, the pain is that lots of craft companies now have an increasing problem with stuff being - shall we say - misappropriated by over enthusiastic crafters!! It is so difficult, we all suffer from stuff being stolen from the Stand but last year it reached epidemic levels and is so upsetting. Most people are wonderful and lovely but it is always the few who spoil it for the many. When we ask these ladies 'why', they do it, they say, they can't help it, there is a recession on and that can't afford it, they don't know how it got in their bags (honestly this is absolutely true) - when you ask why have you put those stamps in your bag, they say - I don't know how they got in there - what do you say!!!!? The Federation of Small Businesses has said it will all get worse, due to recession etc so we have to live in hope that they see the error of their ways! However we do want to say an enormous big 'thankyou', to all our wonderful loyal customers - we couldn't do it without you and thank you for all your lovely kind emails, saying the service is great and you got your goods, despite, arctic conditions - we aim to please.
On a much more positive note, we have some delicious new Silky colours in the pipeline which is fantastic news. There is a lovely black, bronze, denim blue, and a wonderful bright red. There will be 8 new colours in all we are just refining the shades. So look out for more news on those in the next month or so.
Talk to you after the Show.
Happy Crafting!