Saturday 5 December 2009

Big and Juicy Ink Pads and a few techniques!

AT LAST!! They have arrived - so many apologies to everyone who has been waiting for the Big and Juicy Ink Pads. The container was delayed from the US and so we have waited an extra month for the delivery - anyway they are here. Check out the Web Site for colours and availability. The Price is £9.90!! so why not order 2 sets so that you get your free P&P!! Remember we have really limited stocks (should have ordered more!) so make sure you don't miss out. For those of you who are unsure how to use the Big and Juicy Ink Pads, these are the gorgeous fellas that you use with your Brayer. The thing to remember is always roll the Brayer in the direction of the ink (use the lid to remind you!). Check out the price of our Brayers, they are really good value too!
Don't forget that you can use the Big and Juicy Pads for the resist technique. Stamp or roll an image onto glossy card with Versamark, ink up your Brayer roller with Big and Juicy Ink, roll some of the ink off onto some kitchen towel and then roll over the stamped image. Do this 3 or 4 times until you are happy with the effect. Polish over the top with some kitchen towel. The Versamark image will 'pop', through the ink. You can also dye ribbons on the Big and Juicy pad. Lightly dampen white or cream ribbon, then pull the ribbon through the colours you like, do this on both sides of the ribbon. Pull through one colour at a time, back and front. Leave to dry and iron, your ribbon will then have a 'spaced dyed', look and will match your card. It is a really delicate and pretty effect. If you like stamping onto fabric, use the same technique to dye your fabric. As I always tell you at shows, Dye Ink - think - Dylon!! Damp the fabric and then scrumple up and dot and dab onto the colours you want to use. If you want a more controlled, softly marbled effect, iron the fabric straight (or if you want lines in it don't iron it!), place onto some greaseproof paper, use a piece of sponge, take colour from the Big and Juicy and dab onto the fabric until you like the effect. Let it dry, iron, stamp onto the fabric with Versafine or a good craft ink pad. Stitch into the fabric, add beads and couch threads for texture. You can do exactly the same effect on handmade paper or even good quality watercolour paper or card. Sponge on the colour for the background, dry, iron (under kitchen paper), stamp and stitch on top for all the latest effects.