Tuesday 13 October 2009

The time has come for craft products to look beautiful and our new Silkies look stunning! Lovely, luxurious and satin soft Silkies are a new concept in colour, we have managed to blend our mica pigments into a chalky, satin finish that looks incredible on Acetate, glossy card, card, paper, candles, glass, clay, metal and most surfaces you can think of! The colours are quite breathtaking and those of you who bought them at Port Sunlight and Hinckley have already said how thrilled you are with the satin soft texture and blendability. We have packed them into glass bottles so they will last and last as well as looking good. So you can use them straight away we have included a brush in the lid, just like nail varnish. This means you can apply colour directly onto so many surfaces. Because they are a water based product you can dilute them with water, for spritzing but one of the great advantages is their affinity with acetate, just try something quick and simple like stamping or rolling and embossing onto a piece of heat embossable acetate, turn the acetate over and then paint in on the reverse with the Silkies. Turn the acetate back to the front and just look at the satin soft colour underneath, truly fabulous, you will love it. Heather had just 48 hours to work with the Silkies and she produced the most beautiful card using the Silkies sponged and blended together on the background. Using the little Sponge finger daubers makes blending so easy. She then stamped over the top and the effect is really special. Come and have a look at the card in Glasgow and Birmingham - you will become a Silkie convert. Heather also applied the Silkie colour direct to the stamp and stamped with it, giving a soft watercolour effect. They are such a versatile product and we can't wait to produce some more samples for your delectation and delight! Best of all they come in sets of 4 and cost just £10.99. Time permitting we will get them on the Web Site just as soon as we can. It is completely manic here at the moment. We are girding our loins (nearly put lions!) for Glasgow (Stand No M20) and Birmingham. Everyone is pushing the boat out. We are running workshops in Birmingham and Michelle will be showing you how to use the Rollagraph and her latest stamp to make a christmas card. We are working on a simple contemporary colour them of black, white and silver, we think you will love the result. The workshops run everyday, starting at 10am and last 45 minutes, the last workshop will be at 4pm. They are completely FREE but you have to come to the Stand, F20, at the NEC to book, first come, first served etc. You will also receive a 10% discount voucher when you have attended the workshop to spend on the Stand at NEC - so it is all good stuff! Plus we will have all our usual fantastic prices - have you noticed we are also one of the cheapest companies in the country for ink pads - take note! All the new Big 'n' Juicy have sold out - we are waiting for the next delivery and our price is just £9.99. That it for now but when the mayhem is over and we have put thousands more miles on the clock we will (hopefully), be putting some 'how to' video clips on to the system to give you some inspiration for the holiday period and we will be putting lots more of the sample cards on the blog so that you can remind yourselves how to use all the goodies you have bought this year.
Happy Crafting!