Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Magi-Boss Chunky Mother of Pearl

Hi Everyone
We're back from warm sunny London and Ally Pally to get ready for Shepton Mallet and slow dreamy Somerset - what a contrast that will be. I do love the 'buzz', of London but the driving this time was completely crazy! People driving up the wrong side of the street and on the pavement - mad, bad and not nice to know!! But the view from Ally Pally on the top of hill right out over the park with London set out in front is quite a vista and it never fails to thrill. Phew! we were sssoooo busy and sssoooo hot but we upset our favourite security guard Baz because we left Barney at home. He brought his (Baz's and Barney's that is) favourite Garlic sausage so he could feed him, so we were not popular and to get his own back he dumped the Garlic Sausage on the Stand and what with the heat and all, we smelt a bit 'allo allo' and I am surpised we weren't wearing berets and smoking Gauloise by the end of the day!! So I apologise for the not so delicate French aroma of our Stand on Saturday but Baz's garlic sausage got a bit overheated! We did contemplate buying a baguette and offering it round but we weren't sure how many birthdays it had had!! Anyway the thought was there and that's all that counts - thanks Baz and just for the record Barney's paw is better now and the lampshade has come off - thank goodness! However Barney's penchant for Poodles hasn't diminished as evidently he 'met' one at the week-end so I think the French influence stretched back down to Dorset and there was a bit of 'entente cordiale', going on back at La Maison Imagination!
We do hope you like this week's card. We thought we would feature something cool, calm and contemporary and as 'lurve', seemed to be in the air (rather than garlic sausage), the lovely Simon and Lola from Sugar Nellie seemed very appropriate. We will be featuring lots of cards from one of our most talented card designers Jennifer Johnston, on the blog. She has been on our design team for some years now and she has some brilliant creative ideas as you will see in the coming weeks. Here she has used our fabulous new Chunky Boss, thick embossing powder. As you can see it is so smooth and flexible and even though it can be used in the same ways as UTTE, it can be used in a single layer as well as being layered up. The beauty of the Magi-Boss Chunky is that it is flexible, so it can be used for really fine work. Jennifer has used a Die-Cut shape, inked it up with versamark and heat embossed with 2 layers of Mother of Pearl Magi-Boss Chunky. Even on the photograph you can get some idea of the incredible smoothness, shimmer and shine that you can achieve with the Magi-Boss. The photos of the powders on the web don't do them justice, they are a really good price and used with punched out shapes and blended together, particularly using the Diamond Black Knight as a base they are a stunning addition to your stash. Use them in your Melt Pot as well as on cardstock. Enjoy the sunshine, we are hoping to have a lawn this year, and Harvey has put up one of those little garden tent gazebos, so I can craft outside in the sunshine, so on the folding table from Argos with Barney stretched out working on his tan, dreaming of a follow up meeting with La Belle Fifi, I shall enjoy working on our exciting new designs ready for the Autumn.
Happy Crafting.