Friday, 13 November 2009

Hi Everyone
No piccys here today, but you just have to go to my friend Dawn Wheeler's allpinkgirl blogspot - to see what she has done with the Inkadinks and silkies - she is just such a talented lady as well as being such a nice person. She has a real passion for papercraft and she does it all for love!
Well we're back and laid low with the usual winter bout of goodness knows what. I suppose if you are amongst 65000 eager crafters for 2 weeks (Glasgow SECC and Birmingham NEC), something has to give!! It started with the sorest throat and chest, went on to a hideous cough and now we look like little frogs, with big swollen eyes! It's a hum dinger - believe me! Anyway we'll live. All this activity throughout the country has meant that our blog has been sorely neglected and for that we humbly apologise and we intend to do something about it from now on. Anyway the best news ever is that our beautiful Silkies and the amazing Inkadinks have caused such a rumble in the jungle. You all absolutely loved them and we could hardly keep up with the demand at the Shows. I think it is because they are just so easy to use and really addictive. Once you start using them you think of more and more techniques that you can use them for. I just love the fact that they paint straight on to acetate and dry really quickly. If you love backgrounds, stamping, printing and playing about I promise you will not be disappointed. Joanna Sheen loved them and will be featuring them on her web site in December.
I do want to say the biggest Hello to all the lovely lovely ladies from Ireland who came to see us on ALL 4 DAYS at the NEC, they were wonderful. We hope you are enjoying all your products and thank you so much for being such a lovely fun crowd of girls. Harvey still hasn't got over the marriage proposal and with the Irish name and the fact that he absolutely loves Ireland we could lose him soon!!
We are spending some time with the family next week - we just can't wait. We all work so hard and time together is really precious. We will be making Christmas Cards with the children and introducing them to some 3D paper decoupage - on an elephant!! I think a 5 year old will enjoy all that gluing and sticking and she will have a lovely elephant at the end of it!!
Barney is really pleased to be back home, he has spent so much time at Animals at Home this year, he doesn't mind, as he can sleep on the sofa but there is no place like home, even to a soppy old spaniel!
We are really looking forward to some creative time back in the Studio, we love getting out and about but other things suffer, so now we need to put that right. Keep Watching Girls - we do appreciate your support.
Happy Crafting
Imagination Crafts

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  1. I bought the Inkadinks at the NEC (along with a lot more I must say) and oh how I wish I'd bought the Silkies at the same time. Never mind - someone has to keep the postman busy. Hope you all feel better soon.
    Beryl xx


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