Saturday, 2 May 2009

NEW! NEW! NEW! Standard Rollers


After months of waiting, wanting, hoping, dreaming, THEY ARE HERE!! The new Standard Rollers we have been promising you - Yes! they did exist, we weren't just tormenting you, they are really in our possession! How exciting is that! And.........................they are truly GORGEOUS!! And the price is INCREDIBLE - if you are watching those pennies, this is classy, crafting on a shoe string - believe me!! Even Barney has had his nose in the box and chosen the ones he likes.......admittedly they have sweet little Cats, Rabbits and Toys on them but he has been trying them out, by rolling them around the garden and down the path and he reports that they roll really well, so that's good to know isn't it!! So now his are buried - somewhere - in a Dorset garden just in case some one else fancies them and makes off with them, which, of course is exactly what will happen!! Lesley, who is new to our design team, saw them for the first time yesterday and we couldn't get her out of the box either! Seriously they are truly just beautiful, we have 45 new designs in stock and there is just a teeny taster sample below.

Firstly a few facts, so that you know what you are playing with. The price, -unbelievably, they are JUST £3.75 each - yep it's true JUST £3.75 per roller. The handle is JUST £3.00 and of course you only need one of those and off you go!! What other crafting tool costs so little these days. These little beauties have to be up for the most cost effecting, creative craft tool of the century! The fact that you can use them with card, paper, vellum, stamps, ink pads, die cuts etc that you already have in your stash makes them such a good economical buy! They are just an inch wide, 25mm in modern money and they work just like the Jumbo Rollers and can be used in conjunction with the Jumbos or as a stand alone roller. They are being loaded onto the Web Site as we speak, the whole lot should be there in the next few days or so. We are loading as many as we can each day and if you can't wait come along to Happy Stampers North West, at Port Sunlight on the Wirral, next Saturday 9 May, entrance by advanced ticket only, from HSNW, and see the rollers in the flesh!

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