Thursday, 19 March 2009

Hi Everyone
We're back! Glasgow was cold and snowy, Birmingham was hot and sunny - the british weather hey! However, the welcome was equally warm in both cities. We met some incredibly talented people who have said we can feature their cards on our blog, which is so exciting - but more of them and their stunning art work later.
Our beautiful dog (below), Barney, is still not speaking to us because we left him behind! Normally he comes with us to Shows and spends most of the time reclining on his specially made bunk in the back of the van - complete with bed, pillow and paws softy blanket that Sue bought for him - not that he is in the least bit spoilt you understand. Instead he went to stay at 'Animals at Home', with Mike. A wonderful place where a max of 5 dogs stay as the family in the house. He has 3 walks a day and plays in the paddock with the other dogs - so it really is a 'dogs life'! Hope you like his 'Because I'm worth it photo'.

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