Monday, 27 February 2017

Nautical Crate by Martina Tidball

Good morning everyone!
So, the NEC Trade Show is over, Sue, Harvey and the whole Imagination Team have worked their socks off and we will have so many new treats to play with soon! How exciting!! Today 
I would like to share with you another of the projects I made for the launch of the Starlight Waxes – a nautical themed crate.

My first step was to cover the whole crate in a coat of White Gesso and once this was dry, paint the ends of the crate with Baltic Blue MDF Paint. I wanted to add some detail to the ends of the crate, so reached for some of the Art-Cutz. Not wanting to use loads all at once, I decided to turn the ‘waste’ part of the Art-Cutz into a stencil!

 I used Mediterranean Sky Starlight Wax and a Stencil Brush to stipple birds all over the sides of the crate; the wax went perfectly with the Baltic Blue to make a gentle contrast. I also added wax to the top edges of the box and the inside of the handles to tie it all together.

I still wanted to add something more to the edges, so I decided to use a little of the gorgeous new Diamond Blue Sparkle Medium. Taking just the border from the one of the word stencils featured in the Hochanda shows, I added a small ‘frame’ to each end.

To decorate the sides, I used Magi-Bond Decoupage Glue and some of the beautiful Rice Paper Pattern 337. I used two sheets in all to decorate the whole crate, even though each crate side was longer than A4. The paper allows you to cut or tear into it and then overlay, or add, to extend the pattern (see below – can you see the join?!).

To add the ‘gaps’ back into the crate sides, I used a craft knife to slice the paper in the middle of each gap...............

With the cuts nice and even, I used more of the glue and pushed the paper inwards with a thin nail file.

Once all was dry, I decided to paint a small strip of the Bird Art-Cutz with Sax Blue Starlight Paint to break up the images on the side of the box and add another layer of interest. The final touch - some ribbon from my stash and all done!

Rice Paper Pattern 337       Starlight Wax - Mediterranean Sky  SM Diamond Blue     

Imagination Crafts MDF Paint and Glaze Set   Clover  Soft Moss  C-384062      Starlights - Sax Blue   White Gesso     18mm Stencil Brush     Magi-Bond 100mlImagination Crafts Set of 3 MDF Crates-155896   

Thank you for reading, I hope you like the finished crate! 
Most of the products I have used are still on the Imagination Crafts Website, the crates and the MDF Paint are still available from Hochanda at the moment, if you’re quick!

See you again soon!
Love, Martina

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Textile and Mixed Media Shows on Hochanda This Weekend

Hello, Sue here.

Amongst all the packing and dispatching of orders, the unpacking after the trade show, the packing of stock for the Hobbycrafts show at the SECC in Glasgow next week and so much more, I thought I'd send out a quick newsletter to let you know what's happening in our corner of the craft industry. 

The trade show was a wonderful success. It's always lovely to see our retailers and this year they were out in force. Like us, they are very excited about our new products and if you are fortunate to have an Imagination Crafts' stockist in your area we hope you will visit and support them.

Our Lisa worked her magic on setting up the stand and we received many compliments on how eye-catching and beautiful it looked.

We launched a number of new products and the eagle-eyed among you may be able to spot some of them in these photos. We'll obviously let you know when they're on our website.

It's incredible to think that it's almost a year since we introduced rice papers and our gorgeous Textile Starlights paints on Hochanda and now we're bringing more beautiful creative textiles to you in three shows tomorrow. 


Lisa will be showing you our new Textile Fashion Ink Sprays, a new collection of Textile Starlights, new stencils an much more.

These products are so versatile and they're not just for textiles. They can be used on canvases, for card making and much more besides, so they're ideal whether you're new to paper crafting or creating with textiles. To make the textiles fans even happier, we will be introducing a revolutionary, new decoupage adhesive which will make your textiles washable. 

Programme times tomorrow are 10am, 2pm, and 6pm. All of the products available in the shows can be seen HERE.


On Sunday morning, February 26, at 7am I'm doing a one hour mixed media show on Hochanda, showing you how you can use the products on cards and canvases. I've got to be up at 4 and in the studio at 6am, I may have to break the habit of a lifetime and start drinking coffee!! The programme is being broadcast in Holland, which is a first for me, so I hope you can tune in. 


Once again, our Hochanda programme times are:

Saturday, February 25 at 10am, 2pm and 6pm GMT
Sunday, February 26 at 7am GMT

That's all from me for now. Thank you once again for your support, I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Sue and all at Imagination

Tags and Cards for the Trade Show - Kirsten Sheridan

Hello everyone, Kirsten here. I was demoing the new Sparkle Medium colours on tags at the trade show on the Imagination Crafts' stand & I thought I would show you some of them. 

 I made lots of backgrounds with Mixed Media Ink Sprays, MDF paints, Starlights & stencils, then cut them into tags...........

I prepared some tags with Sparkle Medium to display on my demo table...................

And here are some that I did during the trade show ...........................

I also made some cards with Starlights, the new Sparkle Medium colours & some of the 
new stencils..............

And here's my demo table.................

The trade show was hard work, a lot of fun & a great success for Imagination Crafts, I really enjoyed being a part of the team.................

ST Elephant and Baby     ST Starry Trail    ST Sugar Skull   

  ST Flower and Bug     ST Spring Blossom

Thanks for visiting the Imagination Crafts' blog. Until next time, happy crafting. 


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Tuesday Tutorial - Life is Good... - Martina Tidball

Hello everyone, Martina here, thank you for all the kind comments and messages on my previous post. Today, I thought I would share one of my samples from the last ODS on Hochanda with you today: there were so many from the whole design team that Sue and Kerri-Ann didn’t have time to show them all! I made a plaque using a combination of stencils and the GORGEOUS new Starlight Waxes, designed to hang on the wall, shed or summer house, (if you are lucky enough to have one)!

This is how it all began…

Taking one of the plaques, I added two holes using a Crop-o-Dile and base coated using Baltic Blue MDF paint. Whilst this was drying, I mixed a small amount of the Mediterranean Blue Starlight Wax, with some Magi-Paint Glaze.

Initially I stippled my wax mix all over the plaque with a stencil brush, but did not quite get the effect I wanted. In the end, I found using an old baby wipe was the best method and gave me a mottled look to what was to be the sky.

Once this layer was dry, I used the Folk Butterfly Meadow Stencil to add some of the grasses. I applied Apple Green Starlight Wax using my finger, changing the pressure to get some variation. Moving the stencil every so often, I built up the density of the grass.

Still wanting some different tones in my ‘meadow’, I added some grass using the Diamond Starlight Wax, as well as adding some of the colour to the sides of the original Apple Green.

Now to add some colour! Using my finger again, I applied Antique Pink Starlight Wax through the flower heads of the same stencil. I applied this quite thickly, moving the stencil to the places I wanted the blooms to be. Wanting to add some smaller flowers, I picked out some of the ‘daisy’ type blooms from the ‘Life is Good in the Garden’ stencil and applied the wax in the same way.

 With my background dry, the next bit was to add my favourite ALL TIME product….SPARKLE MEDIUM!!! Using Repositionable Stencil Tape, I masked off the words from the rest of the ‘Life Is Good in the Garden’ stencil and placed into position. Once happy, I applied Antique Bronze Sparkle Medium with a Spatula

Once the Sparkle Medium was totally set, I decided wanted to add a little more interest, so reached for the Butterfly Art-Cutz. I chose a butterfly and applied Dark Orchid Starlight Wax to both sides. To add a bit of sparkle, I used my finger to apply some Diamond Quartz Sparkle Medium to the top and a few pearls. The final touch was to add some Art-Cutz birds from one of the other sets, painted with the Med. Blue Starlight Wax and inked on the edges to define from the sky area.

Here is the finished piece…

Starlight Wax - Apple GreenStarlight Wax - DiamondStarlight Wax - Mediterranean Sky

Starlight Wax - Dark Orchid Starlight Wax - Antique PinkSM Antique Bronze     SM Diamond Quartz     SM Spatula - P4    ST Folk Butterfly Meadow    Art-Cutz Butterflies     Repositionable Stencil Tape   

Thank you for reading and I will see you again very soon!